29 Sep 11
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Heaven Idol: cast your votes


saltfree replied to your post: okay, question
Joshua? He’s the only one who I can think of who is still alive

I picture him as the Bobby of Heaven. Like, okay he will clean up their mess THIS TIME but seriously guys can’t you see he has hedges to trim? Then again, someone who is more concerned about aphids than world domination would make a refreshing change.


Claire. She needed another extracurricular to flesh out her college applications.

Oh my god I need vengeful Claire tracking angels down and making them return their vessels to their families and instituting strict laws about informed consent and ethical envesselation AND A DRAMATIC FACEOFF WHEN CASTIEL FINALLY COMES LIMPING HOME


aplethora replied to your post: okay, question

Dude, I have been wanting Ash to take over Heaven since 5.16. I want him to be the slightly shady, slightly smelly intelligence coordinator behind whoever actually wears the crown. Furthermore: John and Mary become the new generals for Heaven’s armies.


rghayati replied to your post: okay, question
……………….. imagine Crowley getting the job.

I was going to reply flippantly but actually I really want to know what Crowley’s idea of heaven is (beyond his old tailor back from the dead and as much scotch as you can drink). I want some bittersweet memory from when he was alive—like, I dunno, the souls are all blooms of heather on this one Scottish moor from his childhood, and it’s only in Heaven that he even remembers this place, or what it was like to be human. SPONTANEOUS CROWLEY FEELINGS WHOOPS

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