29 Sep 11
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3 years ago
okay, question
  • Michael is in the Cage
  • Raphael is dead
  • Balthazar is dead
  • Rachel is dead
  • Virgil is presumably still stuck in French Mistake verse
  • Zachariah is dead
  • Gabriel is dead
  • Anna is dead
  • Uriel is dead
  • that blonde angel is dead

And Castiel has just been smothered by Leviathans and is wandering around infecting lakes.

…Who’s running Heaven?

  1. rghayat-i said: ……………….. imagine Crowley getting the job.
  2. amoktimes said: ash
  3. folkbloodbaths said: Claire. She needed another extracurricular to flesh out her college applications.
  4. pumpkindemondean said: Joshua? He’s the only one who I can think of who is still alive
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